Image of Pollo Las Palmas Recipe

Pollo Las Palmas Recipe

Image of Pollo Las Palmas Recipe


  • 1 3- to 4-lb. chicken
  • 6 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 2 tbsp fresh oregano, chopped
  • 1 tbsp cumin
  • 1/2 cup lime juice
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1 white onion, finely diced
  • 1/2 cup Mild Green Enchilada Sauce
  • 1/2 bunch parsley, chopped
  • Salt and pepper


  1. Remove the backbone of the chicken, keeping the rest of the chicken in one piece.
  2. Place the chicken in a sealable plastic bag or a baking dish large enough to hold the chicken.
  3. In a blender, combine half the garlic, oregano, cumin, ½ cup lime juice, Las Palmas® Green Enchilada Sauce, ¼ cup olive oil and white onion. Puree until smooth. Pour over the chicken and make sure the chicken is entirely coated.
  4. Marinate and refrigerate overnight.
  5. Preheat a grill. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  6. Grill the chicken over medium heat, using something heavy to weigh the chicken down, for 5 minutes per side.
  7. Place in an ovenproof dish or sauté pan and finish cooking in the oven for 12 minutes. Plate chicken and serve.