We’re here to help! This is where you can find some terms/words used in Mexican cooking or in a Mexican kitchen.

Cazuela – A shallow clay dish used to make mole sauces and other Mexican sauces.

Chilaquiles – A breakfast casserole-style entrée made with tortilla strips and chile sauce.

Comal – A flat cast-iron pan or griddle used to sear meats, grill vegetables and cook tortillas.

Huevos – Eggs

Leche – Milk

Olla – A round earthenware pot with a narrow mouth used to cook beans.

Molcajete y Tejolete – A mortar and pestle. A small round bowl and thick heavy stick commonly made of volcanic rock used to grind maize (corn), spices or mix guacamole.

Pozole – A stew traditionally made with pork and hominy.

Piloncillo – A cone-shaped brick of golden, unrefined sugar.

Pollo – Chicken

Prensa para tortillas – A tool used to flatten masa dough for corn tortillas. Iron is preferred to aluminum due to its weight.

Un Verdadero Sabor Mexicano – True, traditional Mexican flavor.