El Día del Niño

April 24, 2014

On Wednesday, April 30th throughout Mexico and now here in the U.S., children will be the center of attention in observance of “El Día del Niño” (Mexican Children’s Day). Surprise your little ones this day with proven kid-friendly recipes made with wholesome, authentic ingredients that will bring a smile to their face.

Cheese, Please

What kid doesn’t like ooey, gooey cheese? Surprise them this Día de los Niños with good south-of-the-border eats before and after school, filled with an essential ingredient they enjoy – cheese – prepared with the Mexican flavor they love.

Let the celebration begin with delicious Chilaquiles Verdes, a savory breakfast that focuses on three key ingredients: melted cheese, yummy mild green chile sauce and crispy tortilla chips! This quick dish is topped with sour cream, chopped tomatoes, grated cheese and avocado. Kids will be asking for seconds of this go-to breakfast favorite!

If they like eggs to start their morning, Huevos Rancheros or ranch-style eggs will also make your kids feel special.  This breakfast dish consists of two corn tortillas smeared with warm refried beans, topped with a fried egg (or two, depending on your child’s appetite) and drizzled with red enchilada sauce. Serve it with some Mexican rice and beans on the side and top with cheese.

After a day of celebratory Día de los Niños activities, continue the festivities with a memorable dinner: cheese-filled enchiladas. No Mexican dish tantalizes little tikes’ taste buds more than the iconic enchilada.  The traditional red enchilada, Enchiladas Tapatias, can be stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese for extra the gooeyness they’ll love. Keep the sauce mild. Serve with Mexican rice and some refried beans to round out the meal.

For a fun twist on this family favorite, try making Enchiladas Suizas, a green enchilada that’s prepared and stuffed exactly like its red cousin. Las Palmas also makes a mild green enchilada sauce that’s perfect for that picky pint-size palate.

It’s important to remember that it’s the children and their desires that should be catered to on this day. This includes what comes out of your kitchen. So create beautiful family moments they will cherish a lifetime using all of their senses – especially those of taste and smell. ¡Feliz Día del Niño!