Acceso Total (Telemundo) Los Angeles Featuring Chef Vicente Del Rio

July 16, 2014

Acceso Total (Telemundo) Los Angeles
Featuring Chef Vincente Del Rio

July 3, 2014

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Host: In celebration of the 4th of July, I stopped by a very famous restaurant in our city, specifically Beverly Hills. So let’s watch a bit of what I’ve prepared and what you can enjoy at Frida Restaurant in Beverly Hills where they have a lot of Mexican dishes. Let’s watch.

Voiceover: Summer is here and with it the United States Independence Day. A date which is celebrated in style. I talked to Chef Vicente Del Rio of Frida Restaurant in Beverly Hills and he told me about some of the dishes that we can enjoy at his restaurant during these celebrations.

Chef: With 4th of July, which is the American Independence Day, we prepared these two dishes. One is Tacos Dorados with Las Palmas sauces and the other is a Burrito Norteño accompanied by a margarita, a tequila or mojito.

Voiceover: These dishes are very easy to prepare. The Chef taught us how to make them.

Chef: The preparation is very fast and simple. We were just preparing them in the kitchen. It has pork meat, guacamole, rice, frijoles. You prepare the meat, add a bit of Las Palmas sauce, and you fry them and they’re accompanied by cream, cheese, a bit of pico de gallo, lettuce, and it’s ready.

Voiceover: If you’re a lover of Mexican cuisine, Frida has a variety of exquisite dishes.

Chef: We have different ceviches, mole, arracheras meat, tacos. There’s a large variety and we’re ready for you in any one of our locations in Beverly Hills or in Westwood, here you have a home when you’d like.

Voiceover: If you’re in our city, be sure to stop by Frida. There, Chef Vicente Del Rio will make sure that you enjoy the best of Mexican food in the best atmosphere.

Host: How delicious! I ate like a queen – they treated me like a princess. They served me everything even though I kept telling them I couldn’t eat anymore because of my diet. They brought me ceviche, it was delicious. The restaurant is truly delicious.

Host 2: The truth is that in 4th of July, most consume hamburgers, hot dogs, the usual. But we obviously, our delicious Latin food with frijoles and all that stuff is never  missing.

Host: And the best thing is that he taught me some tricks to cook it quickly and easily for 4th of July.

Host 2: Commercial and we will be back with more Acceso Total